Small Diameter Endoscopes

Endoscope Repair

Medical and Dental Devices provide a wide variety of rigid and flexible small diameter endoscope repair and fiberscope repairs.  We provide repairs on endoscopes by Olympus, Stroz, Wolf, Pentax, and other manufacturers.

Some of the repair services that we provide we provide for these instruments are:

  • Angulation
    • Adjust-minor w/Bending Rubber
    • Re-solder -major with Bending Rubber
    • Angulation Rebuild with Bio Mask and Bending Rubber
  • Reset Mask and Clean Eyepiece with Bending Rubber
  • Reseal-Light Guide Prong
  • Remove Chemical Buildup
  • Re-Glue Object
  • Replace Cover Glass Window
  • Replace Bio Chan with Angulation Rebuild Bending Rubber
  • Replace Insertion Tube with Bio Mask and Bending Rubber
  • Replace Ocular Lens
  • Repair or Replace ETO Assembly
  • Repair or Replace Port Assembly

Here is a list of Manufactures and Models that we can repair:

Scope Type Manufacturer/ Model Scope Type Manufacturer/ Model
Bronchoscope   Gastroscope
Storz 11002BD1 Olympus GIF-140
Storz 11004BC1 Olympus GIF-Q160
Olympus BF-160 Olympus GIF-Q165
Olympus BF-1T160 Olympus TJF-160F
Olympus BF-30 Olympus TJF-160VF
Olympus BF-N20 Intubation Scope
Olympus BF-P160 Storz 11301BN1
Olympus BF-P40 Storz 11302BD2
Olympus BF-P60 Olympus LF-DP
Olympus BF-XP160F Olympus LF-GP
Colonoscope Olympus LF-P
Olympus CF-140i Olympus LF-TP
Olympus CF-Q140L Olympus LF-V
Olympus CF-Q160L Rhinolaryngoscope
Olympus CF-Q165L Storz 11101RP1
Olympus CF-Q180AL Olympus ENF-GP
Fujinon EC-250LS5 Olympus ENF-P3
Olympus PCF-160AL Olympus ENF-P4
Cystoscope  Olympus ENF-XP
Storz 11272C1 Ureteroscope
Storz 11272CU1 Storz 11278A1
ACMI ACN-2T Storz 11278AU1
Olympus CYF-3 ACMI DUR-8
Olympus CYF-4 ACMI DUR-8 Elite
Olympus CYF-5 ACMI DUR-8 Ultra
Olympus CYF-5 Sterrad Olympus URF-P5
Olympus CYF-V2 Olympus URF-P5 Sterrad
Olympus URF-P6R

Medical and Dental Devices is an affiliate of Quality Dental Services Corporation – the leading provider of myonic bearings, NHBB bearings, dental products for the dental handpiece repair technician. Please contact if you are interested in dental handpiece related products.

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