Microscope Maintenance Tips

Surgical Microscope Maintenance

Preventative surgical microscope maintenance is the most important resource to keep your surgical microscope functioning properly and with precision.

One of the most sufficient contributors to early wear is dust and other foreign matter. Dust from air can collect on the surgical microscope and damage the image quality over time. It is imperative to cover the entire microscope at all time when not in use.

In addition, always store your microscope with the lens cover on and in a cabinet, if available. Make sure to use clean hands that are free from oil and other debris. Even with a dust cover, surgical microscopes are still susceptible to collecting contaminants such as dust, debris, oil buildup from hands, and stray eyelashes. Removing these contaminants properly minimizes the risk of scratching the lens and/or restricting the overall performance of the device.  It is, also, recommended that you use rubber gloves when touching your microscope.

Clean the microscope, with the exception of the lens, with a mild soap, particularly if stubborn dirt or oil cannot me removed. Pay close attention when cleaning knobs, hatches, and other grooves. Make sure to dry the area completely.

Lenses should only be cleaned by a specified lens cleaner. Clean in a circular motion. Do not use paper towels, tissue or cloth as it will scratch the lens. Using compressed air is an acceptable method to clean the lens as long as the air source is from an oil- less compressor with a micro filter.

Follow your manufacturer’s standards of care guidelines for your surgical microscope to ensure that you are cleaning within the tolerances of your instrument.

Feel free to call us if you have any surgical microscope maintenance questions.

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